Our Therapies

Traditional Thai Massage

The Authentic Thai Massage is more a healing art than one of relaxation, as is found with Western or Swedish Style massage.   In Thai massage, the masseuse concentrates on pressure points across the body where an abundance of energy has built up.   Releasing this energy and evenly distributing it across the body to create a balance is the basis of Thai Massage.   

There many kinds of traditional Thai Massage including Oil,  foot, hand, head and deep tissue massage.

Our signature therapy is the Traditional Thai massage, which through a fusion of rhythmic acupressure, body rocking and deep assisted stretches, loosens joints and balances major muscles groups throughout the body.

This is performed on a Thai traditional mat on the floor.   Your masseuse will use not only hands but knees, elbows and feet to stretch you into a series of yoga like positions.   The treatment involves muscle compression and tissue massage.   Acupressure is applied to sen-pressure points to open energy lines and balance to the body.

However, our clientele can choose from one of our perfect ranges of therapies to unwind from the stresses of a modern day lifestyle, providing a positive experience which is beneficial for both mind and body.   All of these are detailed below, and provided with a friendly , courteous service from our practitioners

Our Therapy's

Thai Oil Massage

Thai Oil Massage is a combination of Thai Massage techniques along with the sweeping strokes similar to those used in Swedish Massage.  Generally this is performed on a massage couch or mat on the floor.  The therapy can be as gentle or as deep as you like.

Thai Sports Massage

If you work out often or an active player in any given sport, then a Sports Massage is something which you should consider.  Ao offers Sports Massage solutions that allow for deeper and heavier manipulation, kneading and rubbings compared to conventional massage options.

Couples Massage

Two of our  skilled Therapists will treat you and your partner at the same time in the same room.   The  Massage being tailored to your specific needs

Traditional Thai Massage with Herbs

Herbs cleanse the body and combined with a Thai Traditional Massage provides a doubly satisfying treatment as well as a relaxing and smooth therapy.

Thai Foot Massage with Herbs

A Thai version of something everyone loves.  Whilst massaging both the feet and lower legs, this therapy applies firm but gentle pressure to sen points on the feet using both hands and a special foot massage rod.

Back Head & Shoulder Massage

Perfect for reducing tension, stiffness and tightness in the neck and shoulders, your therapist will use traditional Thai Massage techniques using their hands and elbows to relax the muscle and remove muscular knots.  Some acupressure if used on sen pressure points to open energy flows through the head and neck.

Our Therapy's

Face Massage

A Face Massage is a therapy which provides health benefits including reducing stress, increasing blood circulation, easing sinus problems and reducing headaches.  The Face Massage also provides relief to strained facial muscles, promoting relaxation.


A treatment therapy for the feet and toenails, improving the appearance of both.  This also includes a massage of the lower legs and feet.


A treatment therapy for the hands and fingernails, improving the appearance of both.

Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage will release tight muscles that can cause ripple effects through the body.

The Deep Tissue Massage will penetrate surface muscles of the body to reach deep connective tissue.  It involves  massage techniques with deep pressure being applied across the grain of the muscles which are causing aches and pains.

It promotes relaxation and relieves a range of conditions including stress pain and muscles stiffness associated with sports injuries, joint, back and neck  pain.