About Ao

The Proprietor is Ao, who is a very skilled and accomplished Traditional Thai Massage Practitioner, working and managing Luxury Spa and Massage Center's  at 5 Star Hotels in Thailand. 

 She has accredited professional qualifications from the Thai Government Ministry of Public Health - Department fo the Development of Thai Massage Skills, also from the Chang Mia Massage Skills Institute after completing many hundreds of hours learning to be an official Thai Government Licensed Massage Practitioner 

Ao is one of the UK's leading Thai Massage Practitioners and is very experienced looking after discerning clients

Her Clients include many Famous Personalities and Professional Business People.

For the very best Authentic Thai Massage please contact us for an appointment

Khob Kun Ka

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About Thai Massage

Thai Massage is based on the Four Elements of Life theory.  The union of all four elements is the key to maintaining good health.


The 20 solid parts of the body, such as the muscles, tendons and bones, that we are made up of.  Thai Massage affects the earth element at the muscles, bones and ligaments and helps to stimulate good health.


The 12 liquid parts of the body, such as blood, bile and sweat, that we are made up of.  Thai Massage stimulates the water element to flow through the entire body and help maintain healthy functions of the organs.


Wind circulates in six directions within the body.  It is the part of life that providers energy for movement in all activities of life.  Thai Massage helps direct wind elements to flow in the right direction to benefit body function.


Fire keeps the body warm, helping us to digest food and supporting the functions of the other elements, ensuring wind and water elements flow at the correct temperatures through the body.  It also ensures earth elements are maintained at a healthy temperature.

The origin of the Traditional Thai Massage dates back 2500 years.  The founder of Thai medicine is said to be Shiwog Gomarabat, a therapist who traveled from India.  He not only acquired the techniques involved by instinct, but also discovered the healing powers of herbs and minerals.  He is respected to this day and mentioned with Buddhist religious ceremonies.